Horizontal Directional Geotechnical (HDG) Services

With any horizontal directional drilling project, soil conditions can be a hidden obstacle. The extreme environments in which we drill can also add to the challenge. Having the best understanding possible of the soil and environmental conditions helps improve the efficiency of an HDD project.

With a vision of finding a better way to reduce costs and predict project durations, Mears HDD developed a unique, patent pending geotechnical process that can determine the soil conditions of any given project while simultaneously completing the pilot hole phase. This process, known as Horizontal Directional Geotechnical (HDG), allows the owner to reduce project costs by shifting the pilot hole phase into the planning and feasibility phase of a project.

Mears HDD has a team of geologists that analyze samples and data from each project to determine the specific conditions. The data and information collected during the investigation are then used alongside real-time drilling performance reports to make adjustments to the pilot hole path. The contractor is then be able to assess the data and select the proper downhole equipment to complete the reaming and pull phases.

The HDG process can be completed with a smaller rig and labor force than would typically be used during the pilot hole phase, further reducing cost. Included in this service is the ability to recover rock cores from the bore hole which allows the contractor to procure the exact type of reamer needed for their specific project.

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