Direct Pipe®

Direct Pipe® is an innovative technology that combines the benefits of micro tunneling and HDD techniques. This method allows for simultaneous borehole excavation and pipe installation in one step. Direct Pipe® can be applied to nearly any ground condition.


  • Small footprint – both physically and environmentally
  • Highly accurate guidance of the pipeline through curves as well as upward and downward slopes
  • Simultaneous borehole excavation and pipeline insertion
  • No shaft construction required

The product pipeline is welded, inspected and positioned on rollers on the launch side. A micro-tunneling machine is installed on the leading end of the pipe string. The Pipe Thruster is set up at the launch pit and acts as a driving unit by clamping the outside of pipeline and installing the entire pipe string into the ground.

Equipment Resources:

  • 500 Ton Pipe Thruster
  • 750 Ton Pipe Thruster
  • Micro Tunnel Boring Machines (MTBM)
  • 36-inch, 42-inch and 48-inch diameter capabilities

The Direct Pipe® Process:

Mears Group, Inc. – Direct Pipe on Vimeo.

Link to project example: Credit River Crossing – Greater Toronto Area – Project Profile