Maintainence and Management

Fleet Maintainence and Management Program

Just showing up to a job site isn’t enough.

Showing up prepared to work is the Mears HDD standard. Through the development of a systematic Fleet Maintenance and Management Program, Mears HDD is able to consistently meet that standard.

Managed by AEMP Certified Equipment Managers, The Mears HDD Fleet Maintenance program allows for fewer project slowdowns and increased overall productivity.

Each Mears’ drill spread has dedicated time scheduled for maintenance in the company’s purpose built facility. Once at the facility, technicians perform a rigorous inspection, remediating any deficiencies. When maintenance is complete, the rig is put through a series of tests. Only when all tests are completed and passed is the rig authorized to return to the fleet and onto the next project.

In addition to the scheduled maintenance, Mears deploys specially trained mechanics to the job sites for equipment assessments and maintenance during projects. It is our priority to make sure our equipment is always up to the task at hand and we don’t have downtime due to equipment issues.