Mears Group, Inc. started as a local engineering firm in Rosebush, Michigan. It soon grew to become an international engineering and construction company with over 500 employees encompassing pipeline related services serving clients worldwide.


With offices all over the world, Mears has developed and built a Training and Test Facility at their Rosebush, Michigan, campus to further develop and support their employees.

The facility covers 2.75 acres and serves as the cornerstone for the training and Operator Qualification (OQ) programs for Mears’ employees. The company’s commitment to safety and quality lies at the core of this facility maximizing training opportunities for new and existing employees. Mears’ belief is that a highly trained workforce is a safe workforce.


  • Divisions

    • Integrity Solutions

      Provides turnkey pipeline integrity management services, which includes:

      Pipeline Integrity Engineering Testing and Construction Services

      Electric and Power Industry Integrity Services

    • Horizontal Directional Drilling

      Is one of the largest HDD contractors in the world, owning 26 HDD rigs working for the pipeline, utility, water and fiber industries. Projects include crossings of: river, road, railroad, wetlands, shore approaches, water-to-water and intersects, installing steel, HDPE and FPVC.

7 Guiding Principles

  1. Our customers are our employer.
  2. Our customers buy value.
  3. We will provide cost-effective solutions while meeting customer expectations and without compromising our own high standards.
  4. We will continually seek new niche market opportunities.
  5. We will use teamwork and collaboration to achieve greater wisdom in the marketplace.
  6. We will grow from our collective experiences.
  7. Respect for individuals is fundamental to our long-term success.